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In Remembrance ... A Soul eternally missed by many.
Let me introduce you to someone you will never meet, tell you why you never will, and make you wish you did...
     Who is he and why should you care?
He could very well be your friend, co-worker, your son, your brother, your  dad or husband.  He could just be the stranger who helped you when you were in need, or the friendly smile passing you on the street.

His name is Scott Barton.

He was a friend, a co-worker, a son, a brother, a loving father, and a cherished husband.
On June 14th, 1997,  he was taken away from us.
It was such a wonderful trip.  A family vacation.  Memories made on that trip will never be forgotten ... although some are best not remembered...
Early on Saturday, June 14th, 1997... right around 2 a.m. in the morning, the lives of many were changed, but most were not affected as greatly as the four in that family car.
Almost home, just hours away, they decided to continue driving so that they could make it back home for a family wedding much later that day.  Just outside of Wichita, Kansas those plans took a turn for the worse.  Scott pulled over on the side of  the nearly deserted highway to retrieve a cola out of the trunk of the car.  Seconds later, he lay dying in the street,  after being struck by a car driven by a drunken 20-year-old , while at the rear of the driver's side corner of his car.
His wife, Teri, heard the crunch of metal, then saw the other vehicle fly beside their car, then careen into the ditch just ahead of them.  When she realized that Scott was not running in the direction of the other car to see if they needed help, she instinctively knew something was horribly wrong. When she reached the area that Scott should have been, he wasn't there. For a split second, Teri thought he had escaped harms way ... until she turned and looked to the front of her car.  He was laying, face down, in front of their car.
Can you feel the panic and horror yet?
After Teri reached Scott, and turned him over, it was a few seconds before he took a breath ... she tried her best to frantically resuscitate him.  Finally, he inhaled deeply ... and regained consciousness.
It was some time before anyone would stop to help.  And during that time, she begged him to hold on ... help would come.  A few minutes later, someone did stop to offer help.  They did what they could, they tried to stop the bleeding ... there was just no way ... there was just too much trauma to the whole lower half of his body.  All this time, Teri, and her ten year old son, Josh, tried to save him ... as they did, he begged for them to go ... he didn't want them to see him die. He knew he was dying. Soon, the paramedics arrived.  They tried what they could, but Scott died minutes later, on the side of the road.
 His last words were ... ... to his family.
 Why should you care?
Scott could have been your friend, a co-worker, your son, your brother, your loving  father, or your cherished husband.
 Or even the best friend you never had a chance to meet.


Find out what's being done and what you can do ... visit MADD
No one is ever very concerned about actually doing something about drunk drivers killing until it happens to them or someone they love. Unfortunately, by that time, the most important reason to stop this crime has already been taken away from us.
Dedicated to the memory of Scott T. Barton, and to all those that loved him.         (including Thor!)
  More links coming soon, including details regarding the Scott Barton legal case, picture gallery, and,  as always, this site is also under continuing construction ... Visit us again!

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